SAGAMIHARA (The Japan News/ ANN) - The latest incident is believed to be the worst case of murder involving the use of a knife since the end of World War II.


BEIJING (China Daily/ ANN) - The consensus between John Kerry and Wang Yi surprised many observers, since Washington has publicly pressed Beijing to accept the recent ruling by the Arbitral Tribunal of The Hague in a case unilaterally initiated by Manila in 2013.

TAIPEI (The China Post/ ANN) - The initiative is mainly spearheaded by a collaboration between ICDF and Chia-Yi Christian Hospital, in hopes of assisting Taiwan’s diplomatic ally Swaziland to improve healthcare for pregnant women and infants.

TAIPEI (The China Post/ ANN) - The Taiwan president saw a drop in approval of 14 percentage points between May and July. Around 21.1 per cent said they did not support Tsai’s handling of important national issues, while 23 per cent declined to specify approval or disapproval.

TAIPEI (The China Post/ ANN) - An official from the Taiwanese defence minsitry said those who want to visit the Taiwan-controlled island in the South China Sea must apply to Air Force command headquarters for permission at least 45 days in advance.

TAIPEI (The China Post/ ANN) - Kenyan authorities are under strong pressure from Beijing, which in April had pressured them to send 45 Taiwanese nationals to mainland China after their Kenya trial.

NAYPYITAW (Eleven Media Group/ ANN) - The US embassy apologises after tear gas leaked from its grounds on July 24 in Yangon.

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LAOS (Eleven Media Group/ ANN) - Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi said there were no discussions about Chinese projects in Myanmar, adding that they talked about boosting bilateral relations.

NAYPYITAW (Eleven Media Group/ ANN) - On July 25, Asean foreign ministers held meetings with officials from the US, China, South Korea, Japan, Canada, Australia, India and the EU.

SAGAMIHARA (The Japan News/ ANN) - The latest incident is believed to be the worst case of murder involving the use of a knife since the end of World War II.

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - Despite issuing a joint statement on South China Sea, Asean members still play safe to not irk China, the region's most important economic and trade partner.

ISLAMABAD (Dawn/ ANN) - Clashes between Pakis­tani and Afghan security forces over the construction of the border gate last month left four soldiers dead on both sides.

LAHORE (Dawn/ ANN) - It’s difficult to make a decision as the problem has multiple aspects, says Punjab province education minister Rana Mashhud.

LAHORE/ ISLAMABAD (Dawn/ ANN) - Indonesian Ambassador summoned to the Pakistan foreign office over the expected execution.

HONG KONG (China Daily/ANN) - It’s no secret, book sales are crashing. Now publishers are turning to online publications and seeking material to try to keep their industry alive.

SEOUL (The Korea Herald/ANN) - An official from South Korea's ruling Saenuri Party visits location where a US missile defence system will be deployed to assure concerns of residents.