ISLAMABAD (Dawn/ANN) - ADB to support implementation of the objectives of the government’s national power policy of 2013 which aims to develop an efficient and consumer-oriented power supply system to meet the need of people as well as economy.

BOGRA, Bangladesh (The Daily Star/ANN) – A month into first attack on Shiite Muslims in Bangladesh capital, gunmen storm a Shiite mosque in northern district of Bogra and spray bullets on devotees, leaving one dead and three injured

KARACHI (Dawn/ANN) - It is now an open secret that eastern Afghanistan has become a hotbed of both anti-Pakistan and anti-Afghan militancy.

JAKARTA, Indonesia (The Straits Times/ANN) - Jakarta is tracking at least 100 citizens that are back home from stint with terror group, says spy chief Sutiyoso.

BEIJING, China (The Straits Times/ANN) - China's biggest- ever set of military reforms are unprecedented in scale and nature, and are aimed at turning People's Liberation Army into a more combat-ready force.

SINGAPORE (The Straits Times/ANN) - The Asean Community, coming into effect on December 31 this year, is a worthy idea for regional leaders. For its 625 million people however, of different economic, ethnic and legal systems, there is much left to be done by Asean to encourage a natural sense of affinity among them.

BEIJING, China (The Straits Times/ANN) - China's latest responses have fuelled speculation that it might do more to fight the terror scourge and possibly even join a global coalition against ISIS.

HONG KONG (The Straits Times/ANN) - Speculation that the e-commerce Alibaba boss Jack Ma is the bidder fuels concerns over China's influence on media, with the move being seen as a political one..

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN) - Chinese doctors recently achieve the country’s first successful uterus transplant to help a 22-year-old woman born without a uterus to realise her dream of giving birth. The uterus donor is the woman's mother.

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) - Taiwan's National Defense and Foreign Affairs ministries both yesterday welcomed the United States’ latest arms deal with Taiwan due to be announced by US President Barack Obama next month.