BANGKOK (The Nation/ANN) - Travel and tourism investment in Asean over the next decade is forecast to total $782 billion, or 7.4 per cent of all investment in the region. 


MANILA (The Straits Times/ANN) - Despite Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's several controversial statements, which have created a climate of uncertainty in the relations between the two countries, top US diplomat Daniel Russel reiterates that his nation remains a steady partner and ally of the Philippines.

SINGAPORE (The Straits Times/ANN) - Lenovo founder Liu Chuanzhi says that entrepreneurship, along with consumption and outbound investment, will provide China with an economic lifeline. 

KUALA LUMPUR (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - Total exports and imports between the countries showed a declining trend in the past five years from $17.8 billion in 2011 to $15.1 billion last year, with a surplus for Indonesia of $157.3 million, according to data from the Geneva-based International Trade Center.

SINGAPORE (The Straits Times/ANN) - Friends who love entertaining went from organising daytime brunch parties to bringing in the popular electronic dance music festival. 

TUGUEGARAO, Philippines (Philippine Daily Inquirer/ANN) - Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said he and Chinese President Xi Jinping had cordial discussions about the maritime dispute and agreed to further talks, although they both stood their ground on each other’s sovereign rights to the waters.

JAKARTA (The Straits Times/ANN) - F J Benjamin's CEO Nash Benjamin says that despite tough times, the fashion and lifestyle group has introduced new brands and raised its productivity.

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BANGKOK (The Nation/ANN) - Travel and tourism investment in Asean over the next decade is forecast to total $782 billion, or 7.4 per cent of all investment in the region. 

SINGAPORE (The Straits Times/ANN) - Singapore is the only Asian nation to be listed in the top 10 index of 113 countries by the US-based World Justice Group.

NAY PYI TAW (The Statesman/ANN) - The Myanmar leader emphasised transparency, accountability and rule of law in an address to businessmen and diplomats.

SINGAPORE (The Straits Times/ANN) - While the members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations would welcome Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's efforts to build closer ties with Beijing, as such linkages can help to promote stability in the region, they would also hope that the Philippines would not overlook the importance of the grouping in the larger scheme of things. 

JAKARTA (The Straits Times/ANN) - A new multi-agency deradicalisation effort has been launched in a bid to combat youth terrorism in Indonesia.

BEIJING (The Straits Times/ANN) - Key outcome of four-day gathering could be revised code of conduct for senior officials. 

TOKYO (The Japan News/ANN) - Established and emerging Japanese companies are strengthening their businesses related to the space industry.

TOKYO (The Japan News/ANN) - To prevent North Korea from getting out of control militarily, it is indispensable for the US and South Korea to cooperate even more closely to strengthen the deterrent power of their alliance.

TOKYO (The Japan News/ANN) - A promise between Japanese and Chinese leaders appears to have been one-sidedly discarded similar to a mere scrap of wastepaper, and this should not be overlooked.